KHS Students Make Plans for Inservice Day


James Kramer

This Tuesday, November 3 will be an inservice holiday for students.

James Kramer and Jobe King

Tuesday, November 3 is election day across the United States, and several schools in Knox County serve as voting centers. Consequently, Knox County schools have an inservice day in which students are excused from school for the day. While students do not have to go to school on this day, staff will still be working. The district schedules inservice days in order to help teachers and classified employees enhance their professional development, but students seem to be more interested in the possibilities of a day off from school. 

After interviewing many students on plans they have for their day off, there were three common answers: to sleep in, hang out with friends, and to vote (for students who are 18).

Many students plan on catching up on sleep due to late nights of homework and early mornings of school. On the other hand, many students plan on hanging out with friends that day. Some are going out to eat at places such as Sonic, Wasabi, Cheddar’s, and Chili’s. Those who are 18 plan on going to vote, and some have plans after. Undoubtedly, the inservice day will be a nice break for students to rest and not worry about schoolwork.