KHS Offers Student Incentive for All


Kylee Scarbrough

This year’s student incentive committee hopes to motivate and reach all students.

Kylee Scarbrough

On Friday October 23, Mr. Corum sent out an email announcing a student incentive for the first nine weeks of school. The incentive is a reward to students for hard work and efforts to follow Covid-19 protocols and will take place on November 6th. Mr. Corum says in his announcement, “Students have been doing an excellent job with Covid protocols, behavior, and attendance!” and this incentive, a special lunch opportunity, is a result of that. On November 6th students will be able to choose between Backyard Burgers or Chick-fil-A for lunch and will be able to eat lunch outside if the weather is nice. The price for both options is $10 and can be paid for on SchoolCashOnline. The options for each restaurant will be a chicken sandwich, chips, and a cookie or nuggets, chips, and a cookie from Chick-fil-A or a burger, chips, and a cookie or a veggie burger, chips, and a cookie from Backyard Burgers. If a student is not interested in either incentive option, regular school lunch will be available. 

In previous years, incentives have only been offered to students who met conditions such as having grades higher than a C in all classes, or having less than a certain number of absences. This incentive, however, is being offered to every student at Karns High and is something to look forward to during these trying times.