The Conclusion of a Year for Our Senior Boys


Lillian Gasche-Payne

Our football seniors have gone through four years of ups and downs.

Lilliann Gasche-Payne

Two weeks ago was the last football game of the 2020 season, and for some of the team, this was their last game of high school. Seniors on the football team are distraught over this ending. Many are sad to see the conclusion of a well fought career. With our seniors parting way with their childhood soon, they are seemingly on two sides of a spectrum or an odd middle place. Some are super stoked to enter adulthood and be on their own with all of the responsibilities that come along with it, and others are seemingly dreading it and torn up emotionally over saying goodbye to what the first 18 years of their life was like. Then there are the students who are upset to leave high school but excited to see what their future holds. Some of these football boys have finally seen a conclusion of their high school football career and it’s a sort-of realization for them. A realization that it’s time to finally grow up. 

One senior middle linebacker, Zack Fisher, is especially upset about the departure from high school, “It’s sad but I’m ready to be on my own and free. With that comes a lot of responsibility but it’s still sad to leave high school.” said Fisher. No matter how students are feeling about their future, most are sad to leave school. This school holds so many memories for everyone, good and bad, and leaving all of those memories behind can’t be easy. A senior offensive line player, Austin Bailey, is upset about the idea of leaving but is happy to see what college holds for him. “It’s a love hate feeling. I’m happy I get to go to college and kind of be on my own, but thinking about how I’m not going to see some of my friends again and leaving all of the memories is sad.” He continues by saying, “It’s a sad time. I’ll miss the brotherhood that I have created over my 4 years but I’m glad I’ll have more time for school and to prepare for college.” No matter what people say, it is it’s own form of heartbreak, and for a few that heartbreak has come because of the football season ending. 

With this season coming to an end, both Fisher and Bailey were asked to recall their most memorable part of the current season. “The most memorable part of my season would be playing next to the guys I grew up with. We had moments on the field that I’ll never forget. But also walking down the field for the last time as a captain.” For Fisher, this whole season as a whole was memorable because it was his last time on the field of his high school, but walking down the field knowing it was going to be his last time doing it with his team was what had to be the part that brought the most memorability. When asked, Bailey replied that “The most memorable part of my season would without question be beating Campbell County 41-39 on TV.” That phenomenal win for the team brought more confidence and diligent play along with it in the following games. Each of these boys seemed to think their team could’ve done better, but individually they were playing at a high. Fisher says, “I think we could’ve done better but it’s all in how much effort the whole team gives. There were games where I could have fought harder and not gave up but overall I’ve improved a lot since last year” and Bailey is feeling the same. He says, “I feel like as a team we could’ve done better, but individually I feel like I had the best season of my career.”

Some highschool athletes continue with their sport on scholarships, offers, etc. but these two young men have pretty much made up their mind about what they’re doing in college.  Fisher is still deciding if he wants to continue with football or get his degree in aerospace. Football has always been there for him in his lowest points and his highest victories. Leaving this sport and career behind would be hard for him, but becoming a pilot is something that catches his eye just as much as football did. Bailey has reached the end of his football career, “I’m not going to continue my football career because I don’t want to play in the NFL so playing in college would just take away from my learning.” Both boys have been playing for Karns for as long as anyone who’s come this far has, Fisher playing for 8 years and Bailey playing for 10. With this long of a career both are upset about seeing the end. “It’s really sad since I’ve been playing with the same guys since we could put on pads,” said Fisher. Bailey is seemingly in the same emotional boat as Fisher, “It’s a sad time. I’ll miss the brotherhood that I have created over my 4 years, but I’m glad I’ll have more time for school and to prepare for college.”