Christmas Vacation Spots


James Kramer

Students will be spending their Christmas vacation at many different locales this year.

Jobe King and James Kramer

With the holiday season here, many people like to enjoy vacation spots around the country. Some great places to visit to participate in holiday festivities are Charleston, South Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to go for Christmas. The town loves celebrating Christmas with all of their Christmas festivities and an abundance of homes decorated with a large amount of lights. There are events such as “The Festival of Lights.” It is a great event to participate in to see Christmas decorations, and enjoy the Christmas spirit with others. Another fun event is “The Festival of Trees.” It has Christmas trees that can be viewed, and brings the Christmas Spirit.

If you are trying to stay relatively local, Nashville, Tennessee is a great place to enjoy the holidays. There are numerous light shows around the city. They have Christmas cruises that are surrounded in Christmas lights. There are many hotels that are decorated with Christmas decor, and many restaurants that bring the holiday spirit. Although Covid – 19 has changed a lot of things during this season, most of these events will still occur, and many of these activities can still be enjoyed in various cities as long as safety guidelines are followed.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is another wonderful vacation spot for the holidays. What better than to go to a town where chocolate is made and snow is falling for Christmas? To add to that, the town is illuminated with Christmas lights. If you wanted to enjoy a “white Christmas,” this town is the perfect spot. Located up North, there is a very high chance you will get to experience snow on Christmas. It has many activities to participate in such as looking at Christmas lights, going to the Hershey store, and a Hershey museum.

To conclude, if you are trying to go to fun places on Christmas, there are many vacation spots across the country including Hershey, Pennsylvania, Charleston, South Carolina, and even a more local place, Nashville, Tennessee to experience some holiday cheer