AP students come together to create new “alliance”


Carter Dubov

AP Alliance members engage in a class discussion

Carter Dubov, Reporter

AP Alliance is a new club at Karns High School this year, and you may be a part of it without even knowing! According to Mrs. Monday, the club sponsor, anyone who has an AP class is already a member, and can come to meetings one Tuesday a month after school in room 123, although the location might change in the future.

The club operates as a “sort of support group… for students” , Monday says. As the students who take AP classes sometimes may get overwhelmed by the workload and stress, the club gives them a shoulder to lean on of sorts.

It’s a way for students who are taking difficult AP classes to share studying strategies with their peers, provide emotional and academic support, and guide underclassmen throughout the rest of their Highschool careers. However, this is not the only thing that the club has been doing.

Recently, the club raised money for graduation regalia and a banquet for AP Capstone, one of the classes Monday teaches here. Alongside this, the club has other plans as well! Later this school year, Mrs. Monday plans on sending a few students to talk about the benefits of taking AP classes with underclassmen. 

However, AP Alliance is not just a study-fest every single meeting. In fact, Monday said that she is “…hoping to maybe do movie nights.” This would be a fun way to help students destress from the difficult AP courses they take! 

Lastly, when asked if she was excited about the future of AP Alliance, Monday commented that “…I think it’s something that could be really beneficial moving forward. I’m excited to see… the students that are challenging themselves academically have some perks for taking on those challenges.” Due to all this, and more, AP Alliance has an extremely bright future ahead of it.