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Pixar’s Elemental is Great Fun With a Meaningful Story

Iyana Lawrence
Pixar’s Elemental can be found on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Peter Sohn and Walt Disney Studios motion picture released Elemental on …. The film contains a attention catching story line about a “fire girl” named Ember who is determined to be what she thinks her father wants her to be and a water boy named Wade in a world where elements don’t mix. What are the odds that fire and water, opposite elements mix?

Fiber started off as a small fire in the Bernie Lumen shop which was her father’s shop. Growing up, she always said, “can I take over the place?” Then one day Ashva saw a customer. He asked if she was ready. She had said yes, so she tried to ring the customer up. When the customer grabs one sparkler for his lava cake. Which he didn’t buy yet, so he wasn’t supposed to light it but he did anyway. Ember took it away and said, “you need to buy it first then you can light it.” The customer started getting mad saying, “the customer is always right.” Then he grabs another one and lights it.

Elemental is about a fire girl” Ember” the water boy “Wade” who meet in a stressful situation. Wade has had a lot of jobs and Ember was trying to save her dad’s shop because she couldnt control her temper and blew up. This caused her dad’s shop’s pipes to bust which at the time, Wade, was a city inspector looking at some other pipes. Water had started to spray everywhere whenever Wade got sucked into the pipes of the shop. Wade was doing his job checking the pipes in the basement of the shop and starts to write a city citation to Ember about her dad’s shop whenever Ember get a little frustrated finding out the city inspector got sucked into her pipes. Wade and Ember start arguing about the citation when Wade jumped out of the “closed” window and Ember starts to chase after Wade. They were all over town running from and to each other, whenever Wade makes it to city hall Ember made her “big” fire wall fire but Wade slips through a water drain. And drops the citation into his drop off place. Which ember had got upset about it and told him her story about her dad’s shops, Wade had started to get emotional about Ember’s story.

When I saw Elemental i thought it was similar to Zootopia. There will be hate and love in life but in the end, it will work out fine. The movie could represent change and how people of different cultures, backgrounds or races can still connect and get along. Elemental is a fascinating movie about love, finding your purpose, listening to your emotions whether it be anger or sadness they are trying to tell you something, it also is about not being afraid to go against the norm. In elemental ember had the mindset that elements dont mix. Not knowing that Wade a water guy would break that view point for ember.

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Iyana Lawrence, Reporter
Iyana Lawrence is a junior at Karns High School. It's her first actually time in journalism, she is outgoing, caring, funny, hard working and kind. She spends most of her time with her nephews, sleeping, doing makeup. She's not always talking, but she's open to having new friends.

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