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Karns Wrestling Slams Into a New Season

Victoria Estupinan
The wrestling team smiles for the camera at last year’s banquet

At Karns, The excitement among wrestling enthusiasts reaches its peak. The wrestling season is starting, and athletes and fans alike can feel the energy in the air. This time of year marks the beginning of fierce competition, unyielding dedication, and unforgettable moments in Karns Wrestling


For athletes, the start of the wrestling season at Karns holds great significance. Months of grueling training and conditioning have led up to this moment, as they eagerly anticipate the first match that will test their skills and showcase their progress. Through countless days of practice, they have developed their techniques, honed their stamina, and molded their bodies into finely-tuned machines ready to take on any opponent on the mat.


“I’m very excited for this wrestling season because of the people on the team and I feel like it’s going to be a good season” says Miles Basalone.


The wrestling season here brings with it a unique set of challenges for the Wrestlers. They constantly strive to maintain a competitive advantage while still being able to perform their best skills. They meticulously track their nutrition and patricipate in rigorous workouts to ensure they are in they’re peak physical condition. The start of the season symbolizes the outcome of their effort from the season and the opportunity to prove themselves on the mat in front of their peers.


“I think this years season is going to be really good, I have high hopes for our team as well” says Duvon Estupinan.


However, the wrestling season is not just about individual achievement; it is a community that thrives on mutual support and camaraderie for the whole team. Teammates cheer each other on from the sidelines, offering encouragement and pushing each other to excel. Coaches provide guidance and strategy to their team, imparting their wealth of knowledge and experience to help their wrestlers succeed. 


“It’s going to be tough this year, but I think we’ll make it through this season” says Gavin Duke


Beyond the athletes and coaches, fans eagerly await the start of the wrestling season. The stands are filled with parents, friends, and fellow students adorned in school colors, ready to cheer on their favorite wrestlers here. The atmosphere is electric, as the crowd’s energy amplifies the intensity on the mat. Every takedown, reversal, and pin is met with deafening roars and applause, creating an experience that is both thrilling and unforgettable.


The new wrestling season starting is more than just a showcase of athleticism; it is a transformative journey for those involved. Our Wrestlers her learn to endure physical and mental challenges, pushing their boundaries to overcome obstacles. They develop a strong work ethic and a never-give-up attitude that extends far beyond the wrestling mat.


The start of the wrestling season signifies the beginning of a remarkable chapter filled with both triumphs and setbacks. Go Beavers!


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