Pandemic Leaves its Mark on Karns Homecoming


Avery Lockhart

Friday night lights shone down on the field at Friday’s Homecoming game.

Haven Lloyd and Avery Lockhart


Last week’s homecoming festivities have come to an end. This year, many of the usual homecoming activities were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. For example, there is usually a large pep rally held in the gym on Friday for everyone in the school. The band plays, the cheerleaders cheer, skits are performed by each class, the grades compete in small competitions and the homecoming candidates are presented to everybody. For obvious reasons, the pep rally couldn’t happen. Typically, each grade decorates a section of the hallway according to the class theme decided by the student government. The class also makes banners for the theme.  Each class receives points for these competitions as well as dressing up each day.

Even though most of the homecoming festivities could not take place this year, students were still able to participate in different spirit week themes each day in hopes of helping their grade win the competition. In the absence of the SGA, Ms. Buttry, Ms. Rhodes and Ms. Jenkins made sure there was a spirit week to keep some sense of normalcy among the student body. At the end of the week, the seniors had the highest participation rates for the spirit days and were rewarded with lunch outside on Friday.

 The candidates for homecoming were Hannah Armes for girl’s basketball, Meggie Farmer for girl’s soccer, Alizabeth Hutchison for cheerleading, Rebekah Kirkland for the dance team, Meredith McNeely for ensemble, Talia Megahan for ROTC, Makayla Muse for boy’s basketball, Lexie Rector for tennis, Riley Sanz for football, Emma Yarbrough for volleyball.

The homecoming candidates were presented at halftime of Friday’s football game. The total amount raised by all of the candidates was $23,846. The second runner up was Alizabeth Hutchison, who raised $1,720 for the cheer team. The first runner up was Emma Yarbrough, who raised $5,230  for the volleyball team. The 2020 Homecoming Queen is Meggie Farmer. She raised $10,222 for the girls soccer team. 

Sadly, the Karns football team lost the game against Oak Ridge on homecoming night. The final score was Oak Ridge 56 and Karns 14.