Behind the Mask – Alex Feldblum


Rachel Monday

Sophomore Alex Feldblum talked with our reporters about his year so far.

Benjamin Van Dyke

Behind the Mask is a column that showcases some of the unique students who roam our halls, one story at a time. It takes its inspiration from Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York photoblog.


Alex Feldblum is a Sophomore at Karns High School who enjoys talking with his friends and is interested in computer applications. 


He has recently transferred to Karns High School from Hardin Valley and has talked about how he prefers Karns over Hardin Valley Academy . He said that he is able to talk to his friends because he “didn’t have any of the friends that went to Karns over there [Hardin Valley] so it was a little harder to talk to people.” 


He also talked about how easy it is to move around the school because “Hardin Valley is massive,” and about how it took much longer than it should have to get from one class to another.