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Marketing Offers Many Opportunities for Students Who Are Interested in Business

Ally Tavenner
The Marketing Class shows off some of their projects

The marketing class headed by Cynthia Rhoden here at Karns is a great place for students to learn the fundamentals of marketing, as well as to get creative and have fun not only by selling cookies. The class, which has been taught by Rhoden for nineteen years, teaches students the basics and skills of marketing and provides them with first-hand experience.


“Which would [the basics of marketing] tie into product, place, price, and promotion We go a little deeper with each of those four P’s, as we would call them. We talk about job preparation, job skills, and twenty-first-century skills,” explains Rhoden.


This class provides the students with a deeper knowledge of what goes into marketing. But how are they putting these skills to work?


“We do a lot of projects in here,” Rhoden says. For example: “Students will create their restaurant idea and tie in a lot of that marketing mix, the four P’s, into their idea,”.


With various projects throughout the year, the students are provided with lots of freedom to experiment with different marketing approaches and put their skills into practice.


The cookies these students sell every Friday are also a great experience for them to have if they want to pursue marketing.


“That’s the cool thing about Karns is we get to sell door-to-door”…” That whole door-to-door experience too is part of marketing when it comes to selling,” explains Rhoden.


Rhoden’s class is a perfect way to introduce students to marketing and get some of the students thinking about a new career path they can take. With lots of creative freedom and real-life experience, they are provided with an ideal way to begin to explore marketing. Be sure to look into taking this class to gain new skills and inspire new career ideas for your future!

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About the Contributor
Ally Tavenner, Reporter
Ally Tavenner is a sophomore at Karns High School and this is her first year in journalism. She enjoys listening to music and spending time with her boyfriend. She moved back to Knoxville after spending 6 years in California, watches a lot of movies, and hopes to improve her writing.

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