Junior Achievement offers real-world experience to high school students


Kyleigh Royster

Junior achievement event list

Kyleigh Royster, Reporter

The Junior Achievements is an organization that gives students the opportunity to learn possibilities of their future, by teaching them real world concepts, and helping them discover what they want with their own futures. The most recent program made with the Junior Achievement organization was the “Junior Achievement Miss Business”. The students in the organization sat down in groups of unfamiliar faces, in order to practice their communication skills, which is part of the program. They were accompanied by their assigned community leader, who helped lead their group discussions. The Miss Business program took place at the Student Center at UT. Many speakers and sponsors were invited to speak at this event to speak to the students about communication, listening skills, networking, etc. Speaker Patricia Bible, who is the CEO of Katom Industries, was the keynote speaker of the organization. The students took part in different personality activities, to assess their different skill sets. Going along with learning different skills, and determining their skill sets, they had also created vision boards to better plan out the goals of their future. The students in this program are required to “dress for success”, or come in the right attire.

        After talking to three students who were a part of this program, I got more insight on how they feel about being a part of Junior Achievements, and how the program has impacted their life. Junior Ella Williams says “I feel a lot more confident since doing this. I think being able to listen to the speakers, listening to what they have to say, helped me really think about what I want for my future.” Junior Brileigh Sylvie says “I joined because I felt I needed a lead to get into my future, since I don’t have much longer until I graduate.” Lastly, I talked to Retaj who, along with Williams, liked being able to hear from the speakers. “Patricia Bible resonated with me, she talked about how to get into the right mindset, and figure out what you really want. That felt good to hear.” 

        Junior Achievements helps students move forward in the present, and gain confidence about their future. If you’re thinking about joining, do it. Junior Achievements has its many benefits, and will take away your doubts. 

        Here is the agenda for the Junior Achievements, and their involvements: Everyone is  welcomed by Cory Rindskopt, Owner, CEO, Designer & Creative Entrepreneur, Bells Box Collective. Then, the students begin their tasks. “Be Unstoppable”, “Grit, Going to College & tnAchieves”, Building Relationships for Success: Communication and Active Listening”. The students then take a short “Empower Minute”, then continue with their learning. After the break comes Using My Personality to Get Hired, which is followed by Networking, then another short break. “Resilience and the Executive Mindset”, Why Tech?”, Executive Mindset in Construction: Working in a Male- Dominated Field”.  Then, another Empower minute, Break, and after the break are the “Get Inspired Stations”. Introduction to Business Dining Etiquette, then students enjoy a nice lunch, learn about networking, and take a group photo with Taylor Martin Photography. They then do a Team Building activity, followed by  Your Own Path to Success”, “Write Your Own Story”, “Vision Boards: What’s Your Next Chapter”, and lastly “Be Your Only Competitor”, then students are dismissed.