College Prep Time – Juniors & Seniors Plan For The Future


Briquel Cano

Students begin researching and applying to various colleges during their senior year.

Briquel Cano and Jeremy Long

The EOC tests are coming up and graduation is fast approaching for seniors, and juniors have started to look into and consider which colleges they may be interested in. Students are deciding on what they want to do after high school, and seniors are looking to see if they’ll be able to graduate early. Lots of seniors are going to college and juniors are deciding on a college before senior year. Other students have decided not to go to college, and just start working after high school. This is a crucial time for juniors and seniors to decide whether or not they’ll go to college and where they would like to apply or attend. 


     Many students will be going to college after high school. Andy Braden and Rosalind Braden are both planning on going to college. “My dream college is Pittsburg State University,” Andy said. If Andy can’t make it into his dream college, he is going to try to get into the University of Tennessee, or Pellissippi State University.  He is not going for a certain degree. Rosalind’s dream college is Haslam College of Business. “The college I’ve been looking at as a whole is the University of Tennessee,” Rosa said. Rosa is going for a Master’s degree. Other students have decided not to go to college. Gabriel Huston has decided to work after finishing high school, instead of going to college. “I’ll possibly have to do an internship for a while.” Huston said. He will get a job that only requires a high school diploma. Huston is still deciding on what job he will have in the future.