Principal Taiwo Sutton of Karns High School might have the biggest heart in all of Knox County


Carter Dubov

Mr. Sutton shows off his Cowboy pride in his office

Carter Dubov

Although today Sutton is a beloved principal and father, it was not the same earlier in his life.

 “No, I wanted to play in the NBA.”

Sutton explained that both his parents were teachers as well, and so he decided to study education at Alabama State University, in Montgomery, Alabama. In the end, Sutton’s dreams of being in the NBA didn’t work out, and he ended up graduating and becoming a teacher.

“When I started teaching, that’s when I became interested in becoming a Principal.”

After seven years of teaching,  he decided he was ready to become an administrator.

 “I went down the channels to do that and became a principal,” Sutton said.  

Not only did he want to become a principal, after the fact, he greatly enjoyed helping the students, and was extremely dedicated to making sure they were on the right track.

“Knowing that… more could’ve done, and I own part of that, but also the parts that I couldn’t control, and knowing I could’ve done more.” Sutton stated. “… I enjoy interactions, I enjoy watching you grow, I enjoy watching you learn, and watching you succeed.”

To top it all off, Principal Sutton shows his true care for the student body.

“This has been a great ride… I have really enjoyed doing what I do. Who knows… maybe I’ve had students who’ve been to the NBA, and… you know what if I didn’t get a chance… to do it, hopefully I was a helpful part in somebody else doing it… I don’t regret it.”