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The best dam news in town

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It’s All Greek to Me

Elizabeth Suranofsky
Gracie Moore is all smiles in her gold-trimmed toga on Spirit Day.

Homecoming is just around the corner for many Knox County High schools this semester and Karns is celebrating theirs this September from the 11th through the 15th. Traditionally on the Friday of homecoming week, the dress-up day is class colors and the seniors wear togas. But why? 


“I think that seniors wear them to show their status you know how in mythology gods do it it’s like that… seniors are at the top of the school this year and their togas show that. I think that it represents the seniors being at the top of the food chain like the gods are at the top of the world..,” said senior Violet Whitson.


 Traditionally in Ancient times, the gods were depicted wearing togas. This assumption is what led Whitson to her theory on why seniors wear togas.


 Many seniors sided with Whitson on the reasoning behind why seniors wear togas but others had a different theory. 


“I think that it symbolizes how hard we’ve worked and how wise we have become and the transition into us being adults,” said senior Calleigh Cheeseman 

Aisha Earp strikes a pose in her toga on Spirit Day. (Elizabeth Suranofsky)


Others had mixed feelings and thought that both sounded like reasonable theories. Some even talked about how they never thought about why they wore them but knew that it was a tradition they couldn’t wait to participate in!


“I remember seeing seniors wearing togas as a freshman and thought they were so cute! I’ve been looking forward to wearing one since then,” said senior Laileigh Powell


 The tradition is known by most students, however, this is the first time some have even heard about it. Senior Braylen Malott just found out about the tradition this year.


“Once I heard about the tradition I wanted to participate in it then I found out that most people didn’t buy their togas online but actually made them with bedsheets. I searched up how to make one for about an hour and tried around a million times till I finally got it,” said Malott


Some seniors have decided to keep the sheets at home and sport a white T-shirt instead.


“I won’t be wearing a toga this Friday It’s just not for me I’m just sticking to a plain white t-shirt,” said Emilio Caver.


Whether you decide to wear a toga or just a plain white t-shirt all that matters is that you show up and show out!

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About the Contributor
Elizabeth Suranofsky, Managing Editor
Elizabeth is a senior and one the managing editors of The Karns Chronicle. Along with Aisha, she runs the schools podcast Dispatches From The Dam. She loves to bake for her friends and family and strongly believes a hike can fix anything. You can often find her frolicking in the woods with her best friend Violet. She is extremely excited to have the opportunity to be one of the editors of The Karns Chronicle.

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