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High School Relationships Can Be Fun, but Are They Worth the Time?

John Doe
Brendan Davis and Amberleigh Nicole pose for a couples photo

Most would say that high school relationships are not worth the time or effort and I agree. Your brain isn’t fully developed and you don’t know what you want out of life yet. However, I do believe that in some cases high school relationships can work and go to be something more substantial. If your intentions are right and you are willing to communicate properly and have those uncomfortable conversations it can be beneficial. 


“I dated someone from high school and it was unhealthy because we were immature and instead of figuring out who we were we just hurt each other over and over,” said Kenzie Wilson 


In any relationship, whether it be before or after high school communication and intention are the biggest things that can make or break a relationship.


“Communication has to be the biggest thing. I don’t think a relationship can last if there isn’t communication,” said Makayla Webb.


With high schoolers being so young they don’t know how to say what they want and need from others or the way they want to be loved, it’s just what happens with being young.


 Despite being young, you can still work on yourself and get to a point where you can be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship. 


“If I had worked on myself I would have realized sooner that I wasn’t straight and it would have saved us from a lot of heartaches,” said Wilson.


Intention I think is the other huge thing in a relationship and you should be upfront and honest with the other person and with yourself, whether or not you see it going anywhere.

 That is where the biggest issue lies with young students who aren’t willing to look and see how they truly feel. A lot of time gets wasted that way. 


Now I’m not saying avoid relationships at all costs but be more mindful of how you feel before and during the relationship because if something doesn’t feel right it should be talked about or maybe that relationship isn’t where you need to be. Yes, it hurts that some relationships don’t work however, it’s better to have had that hurt so you know what to do better next time. 


“I feel like a waste of time to him because he doesn’t prioritize me. If he gave me the time and energy it could work out,” said Kailey Adkins 


High school relationships can be a great thing for some students however since we are so young and selfish we don’t know how to love someone properly or even just the way they want to be loved which leads to failing relationships. So maybe wait until you are out of high school or until you can love not only someone else but yourself too. 

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Emma Hall, Reporter
Emma Hall is a junior here at Karns High School. This is her first year doing journalism and she is very excited about being a part of this year's staff. Her hobbies include reading, sleeping, and spending time with her little brother. She loves a good book that can teleport you into a new world. She is kind, a silly goose, very energetic, just a little cray-cray, exciting, and most would say she is actually hilarious. According to another person in Journalism, she is ¨literally the best person on the entire staff.¨

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