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Karns Adds New Staff Members to Beaver Nation

Sierra Wilce
There are several new faces and new mentors at KHS this year.

As the school year begins so do new beginnings for Karns newest staff members.  Andrea Taylor is the coordinator and ‘Lady In Charge’ of all new teachers. She helps organize and keep our new teachers on track.


 “The average teaching career is 3 to 5 years and most people state that’s because teachers feel under supported and underprepared…A new teaching program is important right now because students aren’t getting a good education if it’s constantly new people,” said Taylor.  


 “ Those are probably the most stressed people because they are working here at Karns full time and going to school full time to get their degree…Were very lucky to have so many new people an from so many different places, So a lot of people have very different varying backgrounds and even though they still need help learning how to teach, they come with so much personal experience that maybe they will be able to connect with students on a more personal level since they are different humans and not all from just the small town or Karns,”  Said Taylor.


Not all new teachers at Karns are new to teaching. Piper Foust is one of our new freshman teachers; she teaches History, Geography, Film Studies, and Freshman Seminar.  


“Before I came to Karns High School I was working at Karns Elementary School as a literacy coach with the new esser grant, I helped the kids meet gaps left after covid,” said Foust


Stephanie Hayes, one of our new math teachers, is also not a brand new teacher. Hayes has been teaching for 20 years now and worked at Austin East before making her way to Karns. 


 “I loved working at Austin East and miss working there but I also love that I can make it from work to home and bis versa in 5 and a half minutes, I only moved to Karns, well, for the shorter drive and also because my son goes to Karns Middle School and I’ve missed so much with him working so far away,” said Hayes  


Along with our new teachers we have teachers in the making! Andrew Oligney is a teacher in the making. Although he hasn’t figured out what topic he would like to teach he is currently observing Melissa Mink, a science teacher at Karns. Although Oligney didn’t pick to come to Karns, he talked about how he has grown to love it and his students. He also mentioned how if given the opportunity he would come back to teach here.


 “I want to become a teacher because I had nothing but bad teachers all through school and I wanted to make a difference and wanted to be a good teacher,” Said Oligney when asked why he wanted to be a teacher. 


Our new teachers are excited and ready to make a difference and we’re excited to have them at Karns High School. 


All or our new teachers:

Alexandria Boyum 

Alphonso Rogers 

Gloria Dodson

Piper Foust 

Jacob Fowler

Allie Gallagher 

Stephanie Hayes

Emma Horstmann

Karen Horton 

Fred Martin

Steve Morrell

Kenzie Wilson 

Heather Newman 

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About the Contributor
Sierra Wilce, Reporter
Sierra Wilce is a senior. She's in journalism and yearbook. She is often described by her friends as caring, joyful to be around, and energetic. She loves binge watching tv shows like Grey's Anatomy, Ginny and Georgia, and 13 Reasons Why. She spends most of her time working at Karns' very own Pizza Hoss.

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