A Christmas Tree Dilemma


Olivia Crowe

Sparkling and bright, Christmas trees can bring joy that some want to start early.

Olivia Crowe

For decades the controversy between the right time to put up the Christmas tree has been a popular one. A study done in a town in Georgia shows about 87% of people like to put up their trees and decorations before, during, and two weeks after Thanksgiving. The other 13% are in the early weeks of December. However, to some people, when and why the tree and decorations go up is more than a statistic.

“Putting up the Christmas tree is so much more than just a job. It’s about tradition and keeping that alive.”, says Mrs. Langley, A KHS teacher. “Putting the Christmas tree up early helps others give more attention to each other than having to run around in a dash trying to get everything ready last minute. The holiday is meant to be enjoyed with your family and doing things early helps make that happen.” 

Some research even shows that seeing the Christmas lights and decorations boosts your serotonin. People typically tend to associate Christmas with a warm, positive feeling and this triggers nostalgia which releases high levels of dopamine and can even modify hormones. 

However, for some, early decorating can take away from the holiday.  “Christmas tree decorating before Thanksgiving makes the holiday overlooked. I think that Christmas decorations, and this goes for all holiday decorations, they should be put up around the holiday and not overshadow the holiday before.” says Meredith McNeeley, a KHS Senior. 

Overlooking the holiday aside, the tradition of bringing your Christmas tree inside started in Germany in the 1600’s where it was also bad luck to decorate until days before Christmas. The Christmas tree was then left up until January 6th, but we won’t get into when the right time to take down your tree is. 

Controversies and jokes aside, Christmas is a personal time of the year. Filled with memories, laughter and love, it gives us all an opportunity to spend time with the ones that are close to us and to share new experiences. 

Moral of the story, put up your tree whenever you feel like it.