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The 2023 Homecoming Dance Was “Dam” Exciting

Alexandra Asbury
This year’s Homecoming dance background was a big draw for photos.

Blue ribbons and laughter are streaming down the hall and into the commons! The Karns High School Homecoming dance gave students the excitement they needed on Saturday, September 9. 


Creating the Homecoming dance was expected to be hard, but the people involved contradicted that expectation. Making the dance was very easy considering there was no theme. The people in charge did have some extra help from the Student Engagement Committee to set up the event. They had been not only working hard to create the dance, but to get the students excited for Homecoming!


“People don’t really attend Hoco anymore so we are trying to bring the spirit up again,” said sophomore Dreama Ottinger-Lusk.


“Coach Stair was very helpful and easy to work with,” said sophomore Claira Posadas.


They claimed that Coach Stair was significant in all of the arrangements of the dance. They really enjoyed working with her. The members of the Student Engagement Committee got to help a lot with creating the Homecoming dance as well as work with a great teacher.


The energy at the dance was positive and everyone had smiles on their faces. The commons were decorated with large letters and blue streamers surrounding the DJ booth. Streamers ended up all over the floor. The Student Engagement Committee as well as Coach Stair did an amazing job putting the dance together. Many people there had things to say about their different views of this dance.


“Doing things with my friends is better than doing something with some boy who’s probably going to ditch me,” freshman Zoe Clevenger said. 


She stated her opinion in regards to going to Homecoming with a group of friends rather than a date, suggesting that Homecoming can be fun for everyone, date or not!


“Yes, because it brings them closer,” said sophomore Marsiyah Matthews when asked the question, “Should all couples attend the Homecoming dance?”

Many couples were at homecoming, slow dancing together! It is a fun activity for them to do because it can be funny and romantic at times. This dance was very memorable because even the DJ had something to say!


“I have happiness and [I’m] just chilling here, being the DJ,” sophomore Sean Andrews said. 


It was heartwarming to see everyone involved in making the Homecoming dance happen be proud of their work and having fun. Many people have put so much effort into the event and many of them were students. They worked on the dance to make it enjoyable for everyone, all while also having a great time.


The Homecoming dance was nicely put together and the people that attended talked about how much they loved the event. The Student Engagement Committee and Coach Stair commented on how they enjoyed the process of arranging this dance. The dance was a great way to connect the grades and the most of its attendees thought it was so “dam” awesome!

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About the Contributor
Alexandra Asbury
Alexandra Asbury, Reporter
Alexandra Asbury is a sophomore at Karns High School. This is her first year in Journalism. She loves clothes, scrap-booking, and indie-rock music. Her biggest hobby is musical theater, and she thinks Dear Evan Hansen is the best. She will do anything to make her loved ones happy. She is also on her journey of self acceptance. She seems quiet. But once you get to know her, she is incredibly loud.

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